The aim of Etna valley Project (Smart Grid) is to create a document management system operating in the Cloud environment. The tool has been developed as a mashup of services  and cloud applications running at SaaS (Software as a Service).

ECOS LAB contributed to the project with the Cloud Application Mashup, an innovative paradigm for creating new services by integrating data, processes and user interfaces from many sources over the cloud. 

The main outcome were:

  • A goal-oriented language to specify a mashup
  • A language to semantically annotate cloud application
  • A web-based editor for mashup design
  • A middleware for mahup configuration and execution



  • Tecnical Report 
    • Title: WORKFLOW EDITOR PER IL MIDDLEWARE MUSA (language: italian)
      • Description: This technical report illustrates the development of a web-based workflow editor. It has been conceived to allow designer to sketch a workflow (BPMN 2.0) inside a web-browser. After a survey of several commercial and open source tools, we have specified a set of basic/advanced functionalities. The document details also the design and the development phases.
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    • Title: PROTOCOLLI PER L’UTILIZZO DEI SERVIZI CLOUD (language: italian)
      • Description: This document presents a survey of the main protocols for the use of cloud services. For each of these protocols, we have analyzed the corresponding architecture for implementing the interaction between remote services. In particular we analyzed the OAuth 2.0 protocol, often used to ensure the access security in cloud services. It is a de-facto standard since it has been adopted by big software companies such as Google and Dropbox. Finally, the document presents the architectural principles for the RESTful Protocol for invoking many cloud services
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  • Release Software
    • Description: Web-Based editor for cloud application mashup. The user will define a mashup as a workflow as usual. However the editor is able to convert the BPMN specification in a goal-oriented language to specify a mashup.
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