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Intelligent Agents

ECOS Lab research activities on multi agent systems cover some of their basic aspects. In particular, our study will be directed to explore the fundamental properties, theories and techniques of these systems in order to endow them with advanced features such as adaptation and self-organization properties.

The study starts from the main features of autonomy, proactivity, rational cognitive reasoning and will be directed to the development of theories and techniques for self-awareness, self-adaptation and agents coordination. Particular attention will be paid on some specific aspects of multi-agent systems such as their architecture and social structures (especially the holonic ones), the ability to self-organize in such structures (self-organization), the role of norms in such systems and in their behaviour at both the individual and society level.

Cognitive abilities of the agents, their autonomy and proactivity are seen as essential ingredients for achieving the most advanced properties (such as self-adaptation and self-organization seen before). In this context, particularly interesting is the cognitive architecture known as Belief-Desire-Intention that is adopted in most studies.