Smart System

ECOS Lab research activities in the field of smart systems are aimed at increasing the autonomy, intelligence and organizational ability of cognitive systems by introducing strong adaptivity. These researches will be initially applied to workflow management systems and, more generally, to business process management.

Strong Adaptivity is the capability of a system to adapt its behaviour both to evolving user requirements and to environment changes. This capability is realized in such a way to make the system independent from the application domain.

The system will also be endowed with ability to adapt itself to the rules and laws that usually govern an application domain. This system feature is particularly important in distributed application scenarios (e.g: Cloud) and in interconnected workflow systems for public administration and / or for large companies / institutions of different countries.

This way to conceive smart systems find application in many fields, such as Ambient Intelligence (AMI), simulation systems (agents), smart cities, smart energy transport systems (smart energy grids), smart energy management.