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Software Engineering theories, techniques, and tools

The research activities on software engineering aim to improve the state of the art in the field of software with new techniques, methods and processes to support the engineering of smart systems.

In particular, the Situational Method Engineering and model-driven engineering (MDE) paradigms will be adopted to define ad hoc design processes and architectures. Mainly, the activities will be directed to development the of:

  • Approaches including metamodeling techniques, domain-specific languages, Model Driven Engineering (MDE) ​​for smart systems, software tools to support such approaches;
  • Design patterns that identify common and peculiar elements of smart systems to be reused;
  • Case studies, metrics and empirical studies for the evaluation and validation of design processes and smart systems performance;
  • Techniques for goal-oriented requirements analysis based on ontological domain model to fill the gap between the system specifications and formalization of the complex systems requirements.